New Addition to Google Docs Suite – Google Drawings

I logged into Google Docs today, as I do everyday, and a little pop-up came up notifying me that a new type of document was now available: Google Drawings.

I’ve been playing around with it a bit today, as time allows, and, for me, the most useful application would be as a replacement for Visio. It comes with all the objects and many of the options that I used to get from Visio when I worked in it, albeit this was more than 5 years ago. I’m not up on the latest incarnations of Visio at all.
Another feature is that, like in all Google Docs, you can work on a drawing in real time with another user. I can see how this would be very useful for trying to develop a flow sheet with some of my overseas vendors.
Yet another cool toy from the folks at Google, and one I’ve been needing.