Article on the Impact of Local-Mobile Search

Local Business CategoriesI’m doing my requisite daily scan of  my Google Reader account.  I wish I had time in the day to read everything that comes through, but I only have time to spend an hour or so catching up on the industry and the fun stuff that rolls through it.

Today an article caught my eye that says that, based on a study by AT&T and Nielsen, 43% of Local/Mobile searchers actually walk through the door of businesses that they search for.

The businesses most likely to benefit from this are restaurants, entertainment venues, and retail stores.  Based on my own habits, and those of people that I know, I’m completely unsurprised.  When I’m looking for somewhere new to eat or if I need to make a purchase, my first thought is to take out my smart phone, login to foursquare or Yelp, and find a place with a good rating to go to.

It’s a good article with great statistics on Mobile Search, I’d definitely recommend it to anyone with a local business.