My Email Address Came In Today!

Facebook’s new email address rollout finally arrived on my doorstop today.  When I logged into Facebook today, I was asked if I wanted to activate the email address:  Of course I said yes, and now I have the coolest email address I’ve owned since I had an address!

If you’re interested in getting an email address, just follow this link, for instructions on how to do it.

Is this going to change my life significantly?  Am I going to give up my handy-dandy address for Facebook?  Not today.  For now, the address is just a way to get messages from outside Facebook into your Facebook message box.  I don’t see any added functionality in the “Messages” section, so for now it’ll remain the place where my random event invitations go to die.

If Facebook steps up to meet the functionality of Gmail, I may consider it, but not today.