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New Website – Tampa Bay Local Guide

Here’s a new site that I’ve been working on for myself. It’s a review site for local businesses in Tampa Bay. I’ll be focusing on restaurant reviews and possibly dabbling in other types of local businesses, attractions and maybe even a few movie reviews.

Check it out at:

New Website –

It’s been 10 months since I last posted an update, not because I’ve had nothing to say, but because I’ve been extremely busy.  As those of you in business for yourself know, promoting and working on your own business often takes a back seat to working for clients and I’ve definitely been guilty of that over the past year.

I want to showcase the sites I’ve been working on in the past few months.  I’m so proud of a site I just finished a few weeks ago that it has finally pushed me to get the word back out on what I’ve been doing.

There are quite a few things different about this site than the sites that I normally build.

  1. Instead of working from a template, the website design was created, with completely custom graphics, by  a professional designer from DrewSevan Design.
  2. All content on the pages and sliders professionally written by IdeaWorks Creative Group.
  3. Instead of developing in WordPress or another CMS, I developed the site in HTML5 and CSS3 by hand at the customers request.
  4. I developed it as a responsive site that adapts to the device and screen size that it’s being displayed on.  Go ahead and try it on a tablet or on your phone or just change the size of your browser window.
  5. It includes a responsive java slider with custom fly-in graphics.

This doesn’t mean that I’ve given up on WordPress at all, this was a special request by the customer to build in HTML and was actually more expensive to develop that way than a WordPress site.  Regardless, it was a challenge that I met.  I really got to stretch my wings and test my boundaries as a web developer and I’m extremely proud of the results.

.xxx Domains Available as of Today

As the title of the post says, as of today domains ending in .xxx are available for sale to the general public as of today.

Here’s an article on the impact of the new domains.

They’re more expensive than regular domains, starting at $80 per domain name, and can only be purchased from approved registrars.  The higher cost comes from add-ons that are automatically built into them: automatic daily virus scanning and other security features that are built into them.

Most businesses aren’t interested in building an adult-themed website, but many companies are buying the relevant domain for their business to tie them up and avoid someone purchasing “” and forwarding it to a porn site.

Happy Thanksgiving from The Internet Adventure!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from The Internet Adventure. Please make sure to patronize local businesses this Small Business Saturday!

My family and I just got done watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and now we’re going to try to make 2 different Thanksgiving lunch/dinners!

Be safe everyone and enjoy the holiday weekend.

Limited Time Offer – Professional Video Production at an Affordable Price

I’ve been brain storming with Jim Webb of The Webb Works Video Productions over the past few months. We’ve been discussing ways to cross-promote our business services. The Webb Works is a local full-service video production company focusing on business to business video productions.  Jim has more than 30 years of professional experience, most of that time as a photojournalist for local news.  He’s used to shooting video, editing it together and producing a story the same day.  I’ve never met anyone in the video business as fast and professional as Jim Webb.

Here’s a video that we did together for my business:

Online video is the most efficient and effective way of getting your message across.  However, most businesses believe that having a professional video made is out of their budget and out of reach.  They try to cut corners by shooting it themselves and having their nephew edit something together to put online.  What results would you expect when an amateur tries to perform your professional service?  How many times has someone brought you a mess to fix and what do you tell them?

The professional services that The Webb Works offers includes:

  • Real HD Cameras
    • Panasonic AG-HMC 150 HD Camcorders
    • 2nd cameras available
    • Professional still cameras
  • Professional Sound Equipment (Studio and On Location)
    • Microphones, booms, wireless mikes, etc.
  • A Full Lighting Kit (Studio and On Location)
    • 3 Professional Lights (Key lights, fill lights, back lights)
    • Stands, Reflectors, Barn Doors, Soft Boxes
    • Portable Lights
  • Studio and Location Shooting
  • Green Screen (Studio and On Location)
  • Teleprompter (Studio and On Location)
  • Professional Editing with Graphics, Animation and Sound
  • Quick and Realistic Delivery Time
  • Receive your videos on DVDs, USB Drive, External Drive, or upload to internet

Professional video, done right, is expensive if you have to cover the full cost of a production.  The service we’re offering would normally cost $1,000/day or $650/half-day.  After putting our heads together, we’ve come up with a way to offer you a professional video production at an affordable price.  It boils down to economy of scale:  Setting up one time and having four or more people take advantage of the offer in a day.

Until the end of December 2011, when four or more people are scheduled for one day, they will receive:

  1. 1 hour of production time in studio
  2. Up to 2 minutes of completed video
  3. Professional cameras, sound and lighting
  4. Up to 2 people, waist-up video shoot
  5. Your logo on video
  6. Your contact information in the video
  7. Delivery of completed video in 2 business days
  8. Cost of basic package: $150

Additional services available at an extra charge include:

  • Teleprompter
  • Green screen
  • Editing
  • Makeup Artist
  • Graphics
  • Shooting at your location
  • Multiple cameras

This offer is perfect for: commercials, video for your website, recording your “elevator speech”, promotional videos, personal holiday greetings to customers or loved ones across the country or the world.

To take advantage of this limited time offer, please fill out my contact form, email me at: or call me at: (813) 421-2751.

End of the Year Tune Ups

With the release of Google+ Pages for Business and the end of the year coming, I’ve been going through my customers’ online listings at all the search engines and directories.  This includes the big search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), top-level providers (InfoGroup, Localeze and Acxiom), smaller directories and review sites (Yelp, hotfrog, Manta, etc.), and local area directories (Go Local Tampa Bay, TBO Directory, etc.).  I’m making sure that all the listings are claimed and that information is up to date, consistent and accurate.

It’s a big task, even for a professional like me, and I thought, “This is the perfect year-end/holiday service for businesses.”

Save yourself some time and frustration.  If you haven’t reviewed your local internet presence, or if you haven’t even claimed all of your online listings, let me do it for you.  The details are here:

Choose Package




Google+ Pages Now Available For Everyone

Yesterday Google announced that Google+ Pages for Business were available to a limited amount of users.  They quickly, within hours, followed that up by opening up the ability to create Google+ Pages to everyone.  I’m in the middle of creating them for all my current customers and I like them quite a bit.

What’s really exciting for me is the built-in functionality for Local Search Marketing.  When you create a Page, you choose whether you’re making the page for a Local Business or Place, a Product or Brand, a Company/Institution/Organization, Arts/Entertainment/Sports, or Other.  If you select a Local Business/Place the form asks for the phone number and looks for the business information and auto-fills the information for that location if its available.

When you’re done creating the page, your Google+ identity is switched over so that you’re acting as the Page.  You can switch back to your own profile at any time.  When you’re logged in as the Page, any actions you make are shown as coming from the page: posts, pictures, videos, updates, etc.

The functionality is similar to Facebook Pages, but they’re making a real effort to integrate the Google suite of products.  I’ve already noticed that if you add a link to a Picasa album (Google’s photo album product) the images in the album are displayed in an album view.

Another cool feature is the ability to “Start a hangout”, a video conference that anyone in your circles can join, a great tool for virtual meetings with customers or webinars.

They’ve already announced that multi-admin support, ownership transfer and analytics are on their way and I can’t wait to see that functionality included.

How Google is Changing Our Brains

Here’s a really interesting graphic on how Google is changing the way we think.  It goes over the good and bad consequences and provides some real food for thought.

I love that we live in a world where all the knowledge in the world is available to us on our computers and through our phones.  As I sit here on my computer, I have access to:

  1. The most comprehensive and arguably the best encyclopedia ever created:
  2. 36,000 books in the public domain through for free and millions of titles through Amazon if I want to pay for them.
  3.  I can get almost any DVD or Blu-Ray I want through and I can get almost any movie or TV show I want through Netflix again or Hulu.  The rest can be found somewhere online if you know how to look.
  4. I recently found a great online tool called Spotify with a ton of free music available on their stream.  Another tool called Pandora plays music for me based on an algorithm that figures out what I like, even if I’ve never heard of the song or the artist.
  5. Art can be found online through museum websites, online galleries and artist websites.  Here’s a great list of them from the same group that developed the info-graphic.
  6. And then there’s Google,  which has become so omnipresent that the name of the company is a verb.
We’re living in a Golden Age of Information that our grandparents could never have dreamed of.  When people ask where their flying cars and moon bases went to, I direct them to look in their pockets.  The future is now and it went micro, not macro.

What do you think?

Research and Design by: Online Colleges Site

An Update and a New Office Number

It’s been an extremely busy few months for us over here at The Internet Adventure. In addition to my daily work creating citations, monitoring local search and working on websites, I picked up a large project that has left me no extra time for blogging. I’m close to finishing, so my blog schedule will resume then.

There are lots of things that I want to discuss, so I’m eager to get blogging again. Two things that I really want to get into are Google In-Page Analytics and making sure that there are Calls to Action on every page of a website.  You can click on the links to see what I’m talking about.

Lastly, I’ve added an office number for the business.  You can call me any time at: (813) 421-2751.

I’m super excited to announce the new project, I’ve picked up a lot of new skills working on it and I can’t wait to show it off.

Working From New York for a Week

Just a quick note.  I’m in New York for a week with my family for a wedding, but I will be working from here.  I’m in the mountains an hour north of the city and my cell phone reception is spotty.  The best way to contact me until next Wednesday, September 14, is email.