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Why I Love Chrome!

Here’s a video comparing the speed of Google’s Chrome browser to a potato gun, sound waves, and lightning!  It really is that fast, and I know it from everyday use.  Check it out.

I’m Thankful for Google Chrome

I downloaded Google’s browser, Chrome, when it came out and over time it’s become my browser of choice. I just found an online comic book by Scott McCloud that Google published explaining pretty much everything about Chrome that I love. Take a look and try Chrome out. It’s great.

Google Chrome OS – 2nd Half of 2010

Google just announced that they will be releasing an operating system based on their Chrome browser and Android mobile operating system. I’ve been using the Chrome browser since it’s release and I really like it. It’s fast and functional and is a great alternative to the ubiquitous IE.

I’ve been using Android on my G1 since January and I’ve really liked it. They put out an update every other month or so and it’s been great, for a phone. Whether this can translate to a fully functional operating system is questionable, but I wish them luck. I’ll definitely be trying it out.