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Using Facebook for Your Business While Keeping Your Privacy

So I’ve been struggling with exactly how to use Facebook as a business tool instead of as a way to look at pictures of my friends’ kids or find people I knew in high school. One of the problems inherent in Facebook is that all your worlds start to merge. Personal and business, past and present, close friends and just acquaintances. Do you really want your business associates to see pictures of you at the beach? Do you really want your family and friends to get your business pitches?

As an internet marketer I’ve bit the bullet and accepted that my networking contacts are going to be able to find me and see pictures of me swing dancing or out with my friends. That’s fine, we live in an age where we can find out exactly what our neighbors paid for their house and if they’ve ever been arrested or not. However, you can still use Facebook to promote your business and keep some semblance of anonymity. Promote your business with a Facebook Fan Page.

You get most of the functionality of a normal Facebook page, but geared for business. If you’re familiar with Facebook, you’ll adapt to fan pages quickly. The main difference is that you get fans instead of friends and you put in business information instead of personal info. You get:

  • Status Updates
  • Wall Posts
  • Links
  • Pictures and video
  • Notes
  • Events

In addition you can:

  • Get customer reviews
  • Promote other pages
  • Run ads on Facebook to promote your page
  • Assign multiple people to manage your page

Even better, you can automatically update your page from your blog (as you’ll see when I publish this). Lastly, the analytics that Facebook offers to Fan Page managers is outstanding. You get reports on fans and what kind of interactions they’re performing with your page and whether your postings are effective or not. There’s some really powerful stuff on here and I’m just delving into it myself.

If you’ve been wanting to get your business on Facebook, but you didn’t want to get on yourself, this is the way to go. Become a fan of my page and I’ll be happy to help you out myself.

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