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Google’s Lucky 7-Pack

Going through local searches late last week, I noticed that the Google Map looked a little different. As I looked closer, I noticed that the map only had 7 spots on it as opposed to the usual 10.
However, my cousin was getting married on Friday, and, what with matrimonial festivities and all, I wasn’t able to investigate it closer until Sunday and today.
What I’ve discovered is this. Yes, it appears that Google is moving to a smaller 7-pack map. The speculation is that they’re doing this to make room for Local Listings Ads, a new type of advertising that Google recently rolled out in beta testing in California. Basically the ad allows businesses to buy a spot on the map and mark it with a blue marker!
I actually like the new look of the map. It’s more compact and easier to read, we’ll see how it integrates with Local Listings Ads once they make them available worldwide.

New Google Map / Local Listing Design

I’m in Google Maps every day as a part of my job promoting the hell out of Local Search and I came across an interesting change in Google Maps. When you click on “more info” from Google Maps, but not yet from the Google 10-pack, you get a different, more expanded version of the Local Listing. That’s a screenshot of my own listing there on the right.

Highlights include:

  • Visible Business categories
  • Distance to the nearest major intersection
  • Nearby bus stops! (They obviously don’t know Tampa! Who uses the bus?)
  • Full business description and a sample review
  • Google Map of the location and a picture of the business from the street
  • Expanded versions of tabs that you used to have to expand in the old style of listing including Details, Photos & Videos, Reviews, Web Pages, and User Content

I really like the new layout, let’s see if they roll it out to all the local listings, or if it stays strictly on Google Maps.

Update: So I just found an article, and posted a link, identifying these as Google Place Pages. The official blog states that one exists for every spot on the map!