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Google’s Answer to Twitter Released Today

I opened up my Gmail account this afternoon after lunch and was surprised to be offered something called “Google Buzz.” I launched it and the first thought that popped in my head was: “Google is going after Twitter.”

It looks superficially like Twitter and it’s fully integrated into my Gmail account. When I opened it I was already being followed by 4 people, I was given a list of 29 people to follow, and I had the option of connecting it to my blogs, my Picasa account and my Twitter account. It also already had 2 postings on there from my last 2 blog entries.
The postings have options on them to Comment, Like, or Email them to other people.
It has the option to post pictures, videos and links and does not have the 140 character limit that Twitter gives you. The online “buzz” is that this is Google’s attempt at a Twitter killer. Only time will tell.