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It’s an Adventure For a Reason!

It’s 11:38 pm on a Monday night and the rest of the house: the kids and the wife, have drifted off to sleep one-by-one.  Meanwhile, I’m online tweaking 3 or 4 different websites and trolling for plugins to improve my websites.  I had just installed an exciting one called Jetpack that bundles together 8 great tools in one package, including a Twitter Feed widget, site stats, shortcode embeds, shortlinks, Gravatar Hovercards, and a few others.  I was excited to find more, so I did the obvious: a Google search for “best WordPress plugins.”

The top result for my search was a very well-written article with the supremely catchy title: “The 15 Best WordPress Plugins to Use in 2011.”  That title alone is worth the price of admission: keyword rich, relevant and in-the-moment. Of course I clicked it and, as advertised, I discovered some gems that I immediately downloaded and installed: W3 Total Cache, HeadSpace2 SEO, SEO Smart Links and others.  The site that I had found was: Nicholas Cardot’s Site Sketch 101, a well designed, attractive blog about website design and blogging.  I browsed through the site and was attracted to one article in particular: “How to be a Credible Online Authority.”

I’ve been building websites in one way or another since the late 1990’s and I’ve been a professional internet marketer since 2008.  Despite those two facts I’m still shocked by what I don’t know about the internet.  I focus so hard on Local Search, Web Development and Social Media, I sometimes feel guilty that I don’t know everything about Affiliate Marketing or Pay-Per-Click or non-Local SEO.  The article, and this quote in particular, really reassured me:

“What’s wrong with taking on an attitude that expresses that you’re learning while you’re teaching?”

That’s the attitude with which I started my business and the attitude I have every day.  I’m learning more and more every day, and I want to share what I’ve learned as my knowledge grows.  I’ll never claim to be an all-knowing guru.  I’ll always be a student looking for the best answer.

I gave myself the title “Head Navigator” when I started the company to poke fun at myself.  It’s really hard to navigate when the online landscape is always changing.  I’ll never know “everything”, all I can do is take Nick’s advice:

“The right answer is to study, practice, improve and grow. Do this and your authority will grow with you.”

Welcome To The Internet Adventure

Welcome to my Internet Adventure. It’s been an exciting few months for me, full of twists and turns and ups and downs. I have re-invented myself as an internet marketing entrepreneur and I feel like I’ve found what I’m supposed to do. In the process, I’ve had to re-visit skills and experiences that I’ve built over my lifetime. I feel like I’m in a unique position where I’ve had an opportunity put in front of me that was tailor-made… for me! But that’s an entire blog post in and of itself.

My company, Business Local Listings, has had great success, starting in the Tampa Bay market, in placing our customers on the map, the Google Map. I’ve learned quite a bit about the changing faces of the internet in general and Google in particular. Through research and hard work and some old-fashioned trial and error, we’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t to get a company on the local map.

It’s been an adventure. Come share it with me.