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How Google is Changing Our Brains

Here’s a really interesting graphic on how Google is changing the way we think.  It goes over the good and bad consequences and provides some real food for thought.

I love that we live in a world where all the knowledge in the world is available to us on our computers and through our phones.  As I sit here on my computer, I have access to:

  1. The most comprehensive and arguably the best encyclopedia ever created:
  2. 36,000 books in the public domain through for free and millions of titles through Amazon if I want to pay for them.
  3.  I can get almost any DVD or Blu-Ray I want through and I can get almost any movie or TV show I want through Netflix again or Hulu.  The rest can be found somewhere online if you know how to look.
  4. I recently found a great online tool called Spotify with a ton of free music available on their stream.  Another tool called Pandora plays music for me based on an algorithm that figures out what I like, even if I’ve never heard of the song or the artist.
  5. Art can be found online through museum websites, online galleries and artist websites.  Here’s a great list of them from the same group that developed the info-graphic.
  6. And then there’s Google,  which has become so omnipresent that the name of the company is a verb.
We’re living in a Golden Age of Information that our grandparents could never have dreamed of.  When people ask where their flying cars and moon bases went to, I direct them to look in their pockets.  The future is now and it went micro, not macro.

What do you think?

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