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Local Search Seminar – 7/9/09

I’m doing a seminar on Local Search at the Bayanihan Arts Center located at 14301 Nine Eagles Dr, Tampa, FL 33626 from 2 PM to 4 PM. The price is $25 before the event and $30 at the door.

I’ll be going over:

  1. What is Local Search?
  2. How to Use Keywords
  3. Google and the Local Business Center
  4. Yahoo! Local
  5. Bing (Formerly MSN Live)
  6. Local Listing Directories and Industry Specific Directories
  7. Building Citations

Join us to learn more about local search and how it affects you.

Sometimes It’s Faster Than Others

It’s not an easy thing to explain what I do in 1 minute. I started going to networking events a few months ago and at these meetings, we all give a 1 minute commercial on what we do. It’s hard to stand out among all the website builders, pay per click guys, and search engine optimizers. The best way to show people what I do is to actually sit down with them and show them.

I met a guy at these meetings, Ronnie, who was a perfect candidate for an experiment. He’s a sales guy for a local sports station and has also just started his own poop scooping and dog running business, Big Blue’s Poop Scooping Services. I sat down with him on Tuesday to show him exactly what I do. I basically gave him a free hour and a half seminar on Google Local Listings and the Google map. We analyzed his keywords, we incorporated them into his description, chose categories, filled in his business info, and added in additional details. We verified it with Google over the phone and parted ways.

After that, I honestly forgot about it in the haze of getting my own business running. Follow up on emails? Check. Send out appointments? Check. Go over tomorrow’s itinerary? Check. Phone calls? Check. Sleep? Not enough!

So I got up the next day and ran my rounds of appointments and meetings and emails and phone calls. I ended up at the Westshore FNI and we’re in the “Attitude of Gratitude” portion of the meeting when Ronnie thanks me for sitting down with him then announces, I’m #2 for “Pooper Scooper Tampa FL” and I’m the only one showing up for “Poop Scooping Tampa FL“. I’m shocked. I usually ask my clients to give me 6-8 weeks for results. I’ve never had results like that in 24 hours, and I’d never guarantee it, but it does show the power of correctly filling out your Google Listing. Sometimes, it is faster than others!