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New Website – Suncoast Premier Medical

Here’s another new website for a general practitioner and plastic surgeon in Clermont, FL.  It’s features include:

  1. 45 pages
  2. Customized home page slider with custom deal offer images
  3. Custom contact forms
  4. Before and after procedure galleries
  5. Social Media Links

Website Refresh –

Busy as usual, but I wanted to make a quick post to feature a website refresh for one of my customers that I’m especially proud of,  The owner called me looking to get an update and refresh for his site, including a new logo.  I contacted the designer I’ve been partnering with, Evan at Drew Sevan Design, and we came up with a new lofo for JaPaul’ and an update for his site.

We kept him on WordPress and added these features and updates:

  1. New logo
  2. Cycling background image.  The owner wanted it and I was hesitant at first, but in the end I think it looks great and adds movement to the site that I normally achieve with a slider.  Good call on his part.
  3. Addition of floating social link tabs to the right side of the site.
  4. Upgraded site to latest version of WordPress, currently 3.7.1
  5. Upgraded theme to latest version of Builder, currently 5.0.10.  This allowed me to take advantage of new features including:
    1. Native mobile and tablet responsive support.  Check it out on your phone, I love the new nav bar styling
    2. Easier customization and upgrading
    3. Automatic theme updates
  6. Updated and adapted code and css to keep his old options in the new setup.

Evan and I are putting together a service to do this for businesses that need a site refresh and/or web facelift.  Look for an announcement in the near future, possibly today!

Here’s a before and after, let me know what you think.

New Website –

It’s been 10 months since I last posted an update, not because I’ve had nothing to say, but because I’ve been extremely busy.  As those of you in business for yourself know, promoting and working on your own business often takes a back seat to working for clients and I’ve definitely been guilty of that over the past year.

I want to showcase the sites I’ve been working on in the past few months.  I’m so proud of a site I just finished a few weeks ago that it has finally pushed me to get the word back out on what I’ve been doing.

There are quite a few things different about this site than the sites that I normally build.

  1. Instead of working from a template, the website design was created, with completely custom graphics, by  a professional designer from DrewSevan Design.
  2. All content on the pages and sliders professionally written by IdeaWorks Creative Group.
  3. Instead of developing in WordPress or another CMS, I developed the site in HTML5 and CSS3 by hand at the customers request.
  4. I developed it as a responsive site that adapts to the device and screen size that it’s being displayed on.  Go ahead and try it on a tablet or on your phone or just change the size of your browser window.
  5. It includes a responsive java slider with custom fly-in graphics.

This doesn’t mean that I’ve given up on WordPress at all, this was a special request by the customer to build in HTML and was actually more expensive to develop that way than a WordPress site.  Regardless, it was a challenge that I met.  I really got to stretch my wings and test my boundaries as a web developer and I’m extremely proud of the results.