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Local Search Demo Video

Happy 2010 to everybody. We just created a video demonstrating some of our customers’ searches. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Google Changes Their Business Listing Quality Guidelines

Google made a change last week to their Business Listing Quality Guidelines. The big issue was that Google was requiring people to list their full legal business name as the company name, but they quickly reversed direction on that decision. Many companies don’t actually do business under their legal name (I don’t!) and requiring it on a Google listing may have been a step too far.

Another big change is that PO Boxes no longer count as physical addresses. I can see this really affecting how mobile businesses do their listings, especially in the lawn maintenance, locksmith, plumber, electrician, and repair industries. I have a few customers that I’ll need to fix this for. There has to be an elegant way to address this issue for those kinds of customers. I guess we’ll have to wait for Google to come up with it.
As always, pay attention to what Google wants and you’ll get good results in your Local Search efforts.

Matt Cutts of Google – How to Optimize Your Blog

Matt Cutts from Google breaks down exactly what you need to know to optimize your blog on Google. He breaks down everything from PageRank, to content, to how to naturally add in your keywords. Really great information and a must see for bloggers.

Kathy Perry Presentation

Kathy Perry, Marketing and Web Coach, was the speaker at the TWBAonline Tampa Meetup last Thursday and provided an interactive presentation using her unique Marketing Tree Matrix process that reveals gaps in your strategic communications. The presentation was designed to provide a tool that will help businesses identify specific areas that may need to be “pruned or nurtured” in order to increase overall marketing effectiveness. Kathy covered 5 critical areas of marketing – Sales, Customers, Off-line Marketing, On-line Marketing and Community – and the various marketing tactics that can be used in each of those areas.

Some of the highlights of Kathy’s presentation focused on improving strategic communications, identifying gaps in current marketing efforts, exploring new ways to get customers, and ideas on increasing customer satisfaction and retention while proactively educating customers.

You can check out Kathy’s website at:

I <3 Animoto

So I’ve been hearing a lot about Animoto at my networking events, but I didn’t really understand what it was about. So I shot over there about 30 minutes ago. Here’s how my 30 minutes went:

5 minutes – Read the brief instructions and register.
10 minutes – Choose and upload pics and music.
5 minutes – Compile the video.
5 minutes – Upload the video to Youtube.
5 minutes – Post this blog.

Here’s what I got.