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Limited Time Offer – Professional Video Production at an Affordable Price

I’ve been brain storming with Jim Webb of The Webb Works Video Productions over the past few months. We’ve been discussing ways to cross-promote our business services. The Webb Works is a local full-service video production company focusing on business to business video productions.  Jim has more than 30 years of professional experience, most of that time as a photojournalist for local news.  He’s used to shooting video, editing it together and producing a story the same day.  I’ve never met anyone in the video business as fast and professional as Jim Webb.

Here’s a video that we did together for my business:

Online video is the most efficient and effective way of getting your message across.  However, most businesses believe that having a professional video made is out of their budget and out of reach.  They try to cut corners by shooting it themselves and having their nephew edit something together to put online.  What results would you expect when an amateur tries to perform your professional service?  How many times has someone brought you a mess to fix and what do you tell them?

The professional services that The Webb Works offers includes:

  • Real HD Cameras
    • Panasonic AG-HMC 150 HD Camcorders
    • 2nd cameras available
    • Professional still cameras
  • Professional Sound Equipment (Studio and On Location)
    • Microphones, booms, wireless mikes, etc.
  • A Full Lighting Kit (Studio and On Location)
    • 3 Professional Lights (Key lights, fill lights, back lights)
    • Stands, Reflectors, Barn Doors, Soft Boxes
    • Portable Lights
  • Studio and Location Shooting
  • Green Screen (Studio and On Location)
  • Teleprompter (Studio and On Location)
  • Professional Editing with Graphics, Animation and Sound
  • Quick and Realistic Delivery Time
  • Receive your videos on DVDs, USB Drive, External Drive, or upload to internet

Professional video, done right, is expensive if you have to cover the full cost of a production.  The service we’re offering would normally cost $1,000/day or $650/half-day.  After putting our heads together, we’ve come up with a way to offer you a professional video production at an affordable price.  It boils down to economy of scale:  Setting up one time and having four or more people take advantage of the offer in a day.

Until the end of December 2011, when four or more people are scheduled for one day, they will receive:

  1. 1 hour of production time in studio
  2. Up to 2 minutes of completed video
  3. Professional cameras, sound and lighting
  4. Up to 2 people, waist-up video shoot
  5. Your logo on video
  6. Your contact information in the video
  7. Delivery of completed video in 2 business days
  8. Cost of basic package: $150

Additional services available at an extra charge include:

  • Teleprompter
  • Green screen
  • Editing
  • Makeup Artist
  • Graphics
  • Shooting at your location
  • Multiple cameras

This offer is perfect for: commercials, video for your website, recording your “elevator speech”, promotional videos, personal holiday greetings to customers or loved ones across the country or the world.

To take advantage of this limited time offer, please fill out my contact form, email me at: or call me at: (813) 421-2751.